Collaboration with Rita and Aki Manninen


Aki Manninen and Rita Niemi are a power couple that have trained Finnish people through coaching, tv and lectures to feel better. With this dynamic duo, clients will learn how to look after their wellbeing and make choices for long-lasting happiness. They are partners in life, in parenting and in business. Their energy would spark a light bulb and have gained Finnish peoples affection through out the years in the spotlight. For QUU Design, decorating and bringing light to their new home was an exciting and inspiring collaboration.


The eye-catchers of the living room

Rita and Aki have a seven-meter-high ceiling in their living room which offered QUU Design lights a stage they need. The space was lightened by two Group lights in different custom made colours and special length electric cords. In addition to these, four smaller group lights were installed to the upstairs corridor. The bedroom was decorated with one group light in calming combinations of brown and white. Bed side tables got accompanied by two walnut coloured table lamps.