”Our dining room was quite a challenge, because of the high ceilings, but then we found custom

QUU light which beautifully complements with all the other lights in the same space.

Our QUU lights make me happy every day especially at the entrance where they welcome me home.”

Pinja, Korkeavuorella



“Beautiful and timeless lighting.

After two years in the use it has kept its quality and still

makes me smile.”





“I really love the design. The light is in daily use and has not

lost its quality throughout the years.

I love that you can choose from so many colors.

The design is timeless and fits to multiple spaces.            

It is an everlasting source of joy in our home!”




" It was love at first sight! The light is timeless and simply beautiful. Best purchase in a long time. "




The lights are so beautiful! I like the round shape and the fact that they are all in a group.

Especially the group of eight in the hall is stunning and gorgeous.

The colors fit perfectly to my décor! The black in the cords give the light a stylish finish.”