Light up the project with QUU Design

Want to talk about custom-made QUU Design lights for a project? Working with QUU Design offers you endless possibilities in customizing pendant and table lights to fit your plans. If the space needs more than a light, QUU Design will bring just that. The components and colours can be combined in several ways creating a true eye-catcher. With the professional knowledge of interior design architect, we can help you find more than one option to fit your design and décor. QUU Design is more than light, it is quality customer service that provides you with inspiration, sustainable solutions and long-lasting products. 

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Niliaitta at Kivijärvi

Kivijärvi is situated near the National Park of Salamajärvi. The area has unique nature that inspired to create a resort offering quality accommodation for nature tourists. Niliaitta is a modified version of a storage unit used by the traditional people of Lapland.  The interior décor is neutral and calm, bringing the beauty of nature to another level. The building materials are ecological wood and wool. The lights of QUU Design were made to lighten the rest of nature tourists. The lights combine wood and glass, as does the whole interior. Combining natural materials and light bring the elements of the surroundings to one. To light the beautiful interior QUU Design family produced a Group light of two pendants, combining pendants sized S and M in white-gold coloring. The lights are situated above the dining area but bring light to the whole space.

The Folks Hotels Konepaja

The Folks Hotels Konepaja was recently opened in Helsinki, Finland. In this urban brand-new location, the travelers are offered inspiration in addition to a good night sleep. At QUU Design we were proud and excited to be asked to join the team and design custom-made pendant and table lights lighting the overnight stays of travelers. The industrial styled interior design was a perfect surrounding for our models. 

Visitors can find a member of the QUU Design lighting family in almost every room. The standard rooms inspire their visitors with pendant and table lights. Mini Suites and the Master Suite offer a roof over the heads of several Group pendant lights. The custom-made lights have a new brown coloured glass component in various sizes. The Group lights bright up also some of the common areas. The lights at Folks Hotel get their finishing touch from bulbs with opal glass. This gives the lights a bit more extra and uniqueness. 

" I knew immediately that these kind of customized lights would be perfect for our lifestyle hotel. The end result matches my thoughts 100 percent. "

- Aki Keskitalo, Folks Hotel CEO 

Hotel iso-Syöte

Hotel Iso-Syöte is located in Southern Lapland at the top of the most southern mountain in Finland. Located right next to a National Park, the amazing landscape of Lapland and captivating scenery gives the place a magical and enchanted feeling. QUU Design was blessed to be asked to design lights for the common areas in the entrance hall and lobby. Now we can be the first to welcome travelers all over the world with the warmth and brightness of our pendant lights. Visitors will see glass components in custom-made colours of powder pink, blue and green. These unique QUU Design family members reflect their Finnish origin in a way never seen before.

The Hotel offers memories that are not made in a hurry. In these surroundings, the Nordic feel of the QUU Design products comes to life and takes the serenity of clear glass and lively wood to a higher level. It is like the Northern star decided to greet the over-night visitors and brought along some friends!

Restaurant Vinola

Restaurant Vinola feed the hungry travelers and locals in a lovely city of Seinäjoki. The restaurant is located at an old printing house that was almost destroyed due to the construction work next door. The building is now a bit crooked, but the food excellently cooked!

In this location, customers will enjoy their dinner feeling enlightened by QUU Design family members. The restaurant has different kinds of pendant lights creating a warm and tempting atmosphere for enjoy, relax and conquer hunger. The components are clear serene glass combined with black, ash and white wood. At this location, the pendant lights are installed in ceiling rails. This enables them to be arranged in a row and in different levels. The space offers combination of Finnish history, design and European tastes as delicious combination.

Pop in, order a bowl of hand-made ice-cream and listen to the whispers of the stone walls lightened by QUU Design.

Crazy Town

Crazy town is a community for work and learning in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The location offers a home for small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and people working remotely. It is a no-mans-land where different companies can share knowledge, ideas, thoughts, concerns as well as costs. This kind of public space needs good lighting to offer the inspiration for bright new ideas. QUU Design is proud to be able shed a light on the new master minds and future success stories.

As should the ideas of rising new businesses be on the next level, so are our QUU Design pendant lights. They are installed as rail lights and put together as groups of three to make sure the new innovations won’t be left alone in the dark. The wooden components have customized colouring of bright yellow and baby blue combined with natural ash wood. These colours truly bright up the space giving it the inspiring and up-lifting atmosphere it needs!

Arctic Sky Light Lodge, Ylläs Lapland

Arctic Skylight Lodge in Äkäslompolo provides accommodation with a restaurant, a bar and a shared lounge. In Arctic Sky Light Lodge guests can enjoy mountain views, reindeers and cozy athmosphere in Finnish Lapland.
QUU Design had the honor of manufacturing QUU lights for the restaurant's dining room, lounge and reception desk. The lights are perfect for the beautiful landscapes of Lapland. The inspiration for the colors of the lights came from the beautiful nature of Lapland. Customized lighting fixtures were made in shades of black, ash, and green with Aubergine glass balls.
Arctic Skylight Lodge is a calm and quiet haven and now, in addition to the northern lights, they offer beautiful and atmospheric lighting.