Vain Elämää Tv-show

Tv show with a familiar cozy glimmer

“Vain Elämää” is a Finnish tv show that gathers known Finnish singers and musicians together for a week in a beautiful villa surrounded by lakes and nature. During the week the guests will remake each other’s known hit songs and the artists are able to tell stories behind the songs and their career. QUU Design has had the pleasure to be part of this popular tv show for two seasons in a row. The lights create warmness and cozy feel while shedding a light to the stories behind the artists.


QUU Design lights are designed by Finnish interior architect Heli Mäkiranta. The lights are designed and manufactured in Finland favoring small local businesses. The lights are a fine sample of Finnish craftsmanship combining Southern, Middle and Northern Finland professionals. The materials are environment friendly and sustainable FSC ash wood and recycled glass. Rough and vivid wood combined with serene glass create a design that lasts through time. 


The show has seen QUU Design lights in various special combinations and colours. Both seasons have had customized versions of different sized pendant lights with special coloured components such as blue glass. The wood components have been seen in powder pink, white, ash and black. Glass balls have had the shades of beautiful blue, powder pink and lovely reddish eggplant. In addition to the pendant lights this year has also given the cozy table lamps their tv debut. The viewers have been able to spot these new acquaintances in the colours of black and powder pink. 

To lighten up your home décor and the autumn nights, visit our web shop. There you will find the standard selection of colours and combinations. Remember, you can also customize the light to fit your liking. All the glass and wood components are compatible.

Enjoy the frisky autumn evenings and early winter vibes!


Vain elämää kuvat: Petri Aho