The light of your life

QUU collection combines harmonious timeless Scandinavian design with the elegant beauty of the northern nature. Our brand is created by designer and interior architect Heli Mäkiranta

Our mission is to create future classics - easily recognizable high-quality design lighting that become looked-after valuables that run in the family.

Where did our journey begin?

Our founder, Heli, has been working as a designer since 2014 when she founded her own design studio. For years, Heli had a secret dream of creating a lighting collection of her own. One day a customer project created the opportunity. Heli was looking for the perfect fixture for a customer and when she couldn’t find one, she decided to design the fixture herself. The inspiration for the design came from the northern sky - from the moon and planets.

Heli’s contemporary design was soon noticed by other customers too. With all the encouraging feedback, Heli decided to grasp her dream and launched her own brand QUU. This is where our story began.

The inspiration for the design came from the Northern sky, the moon and planets.

- Heli Mäkiranta

We never promise too much, but we always give more than you expect.


We believe in quality and responsible choices. For us, this means choosing sustainable and high-quality materials, transparent production processes, maintaining the art of craftsmanship and supporting small businesses.

Let us light your way in the future!