We believe in quality and responsible choices.

Sustainability has been one of our company's most important value since the beginning. For us, responsibility means choosing sustainable materials, transparent production processes, maintaining the art of craftsmanship and supporting small businesses.

Our mission is to create long lasting future classics - easily recognizable high-quality design lighting that become looked-after valuables that run in the family.

Local production and sustainable materials

QUU lighting collection combines harmonious timeless Scandinavian design with the elegant beauty of the northern nature. Each light fixture is unique and handcrafted in cooperation with Finnish small business owners. QUU Design lights truly are a fantastic example of Finnish craftsmanship working together to light your way.


Responsibility and sustainability guide our operations and take our production methods forward - from the product idea to the final product. It is equally important for us to nurture the art of craftsmanship and support Finnish small business owners.


The wooden parts of our lights are handmade from FSC-certified ash wood. They live from Hollola as big blanks and travel to Northern Ostrobothnia where they will be molded into bigger and smaller balls. These wooden components with their unique patterns are results of professional craftmanship.


The unique glass spheres get their shape by mouth blowing from recycled Iittala glass at a family business in Sastamala, Finland. Bloun values the thousand year old traditions of the Tortensson family since the 1600s. The productions are handmade, which makes them unique.


Finnish professionalism from start to finish


Our wood components get their beautiful and shiny color in a paintshop in Vaajakoski, Central Finland. Every component needs three layers of paint and time to dry. Between every paint layer, the surface is wiped from paintdust and made smooth so the end results will be as even as possible. All this made by hand of course.


Small businesses around Finland


The products are finished in Jyväskylä by a local electrician. A local certified electrician assembles the combonents as a fully functional light. All the electric chords, bits and pieces find their spark through the hands of a professional.


Finally, we quality check all products at our warehouse In Jyväskylä, from where they are shipped to their new homes.


QUU lights truly are a beautiful combination of Finnish craftmanship from start to finish. By supporting us you are supporting several small busineesses around Finland.



Small things matters


The little things you do daily can have a big impact on our planet – our QUU lights are made with that in mind.


The Association for Finnish Work has awarded our products the Key Flag- and Design from Finland symbols as a recognition of Finnish labour, design and contribution for social good.


The QUU light fixture, handmade in Finland, is your stylish, high-quality friend for life.