Niliaitta at Kivijärvi

Kivijärvi is situated near the National Park of Salamajärvi. The area has unique nature that inspired to create a resort offering quality accommodation for nature tourists. When planning the construction, untouched nature played a key role. The spirit of the place guided the whole designing process and it was important to guarantee experiencing nature through silence. There are three types of accommodation units: one on the ground, second above the water and third up in the air. Niliaitta is a modified version of a storage unit used by the traditional people of Lapland. The ceiling height glass wall strengthens the experience of nature. The interior décor is neutral and calm, bringing the beauty of nature to another level. The building materials are ecological wood and wool. Acoustics is soft thanks to finger paneling on the walls. 

The lights of QUU Design were made to lighten the rest of nature tourists. The lights combine wood and glass, as does the whole interior. Combining natural materials and light bring the elements of the surroundings to one. To light the beautiful interior QUU Design family produced a Group light of two pendants, combining pendants sized S and M in white-gold coloring. The lights are situated above the dining area but bring light to the whole space. QUU Design lights represent minimalistic beauty, which the vivid wooden surface brigs depth and liveliness. Niliaitta creates an environment where the elements strengthen each other and create a cozy haven in the heart of the wilderness.